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Season 42
Edneys fishery V2three1st aug @ 10.00n/a
Edgemore pondtwo1st aug @ 10.00n/a
Erewash canalthree2nd aug @ 10.00n/a
Fishing in swan seafour12th july @ 09.00n/a
East whipleyBay swim1st  aug @ 10.00n/a
River testNursling mill1st oct @ 12.001 rod fly only
Fishing harbourFishing harbour12 july @ 09.00n/a
Exeter dreamstwo2nd sept @ 10.00n/a
Canalcropredy31st aug @ 10.00n/a
Rain pondthree1st aug @ 10.00n/a
Holiday & fishingShip hoist1st aug @ 10.00n/a
Beaver creekHead waters30th may @ 10.001 rod fly only
Cook islandsThe ring12th may @ 19.00n/a
Healy damthree18th aug @ 10.00n/a
Total fishing 9The trees18th aug @ 10.00n/a
Tribute to normantranquility18th aug @ 10.00n/a
DonauOne brigach trout  reg30th may @ 10.001 rod fly only
Mixed canalsBarges bend18th aug @ 10.00n/a
Doggetsone18th aug @ 10.00n/a
Frombergs (TAS)two30th oct @ 11.001 rod fly only

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