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Season 43
Venues marked ( T ) can be found in the tested section of the downloader
Dartmoor   ( T )hexworthy1 aug @ 10.00n/a
Outdoor simsGulivers crossing1 aug @ 10.00n/a
River kopi (Russia)River koppi1 sept @ 12.001 rod fly only
Lyn y gorstwo1 aug @ 10.00n/a
Adventure in asiaPrivate lake28 feb @ 10.00n/a
Green water  ( T )nine1 july @ 10.00n/a
SardiniaCosta rai12 july @ 19.00n/a
River kennet the millUnder weir1 aug @ 10.00n/a
Trillium lakepanorama31 may 12.001 rod fly only
WriggleísDave & grahamís1 aug @ 10.00n/a
The river weyfour31 aug  @ 11.00n/a
Jezero Sumariceone18 aug @ 10.00n/a
Oriental pondSimmers dream1 aug @ 10.00n/a
Klipriverklipriver18 aug @ 10.00n/a
Beckiís summer placeSummer place31 may @ 12.001 rod fly only
KaribikThree/nevis12 nov @ 15.00n/a
Staffa & worcs canal ( T )seventeen18 june @ 10.00n/a
Lincs canaltwo18 aug @ 10.00n/a
Beckiís placebeckisplace12 may @ 10.001 rod fly only
Jezero adrspachone18 aug @ 10.00n/a

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